2024 Miniature Painting Plan

2024 Miniature Painting Plan

A post to help keep me on track for painting my great pile of shame

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2024 Miniature Painting Plan

I am creating this blog post as a starting point for getting through my unpainted miniatures collection aka the pile of shame.

I figured being able to come back here and compare my actual progress to where I want to be might be motivating.

The way I've decided to break this down is to make a few large goals to try and reach by the end of the year. Breaking these goals down into smaller parts I can then develop the rough plan.

In addition to creating this blog post there are 2 other aspects I want to shoot for this year.

First I plan to have a minimum goal of painting every day for at least 10 - 30 mins. If I do more great, if not then ok. The second thing I want to try is to make a progress checkin blog post every 2 or so weeks on a Friday. This way I can look back and either smile or cry ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


To kick this year off I decided on 3 large projects to try to complete before the year ends. These are:

  1. A 2000 point Orc & Goblin army for WHFB 6th edition.
  2. Paint up all the miniatures from the Talisman 3rd edition expansions.
  3. Paint the entire Battle of Five Armies box contents.


2000 point Orc & Goblin Army

Orcs & Goblins

For this project my plan was to build up a growing O&G force piece by piece and grow the army slowly. This way I don't have to paint giant regiments of goblins all at once.

Seeing as I already have ~400 points of Orcs & Goblins painted I can use that as a good jumping off point.

Here is a breakdown of the painting plan for this project:

Currently painted:

  • 1 Orc Big Boss
  • 1 Goblin Shaman
  • 5 Orc Arrer Boyz
  • 8 Orc Boyz
  • 10 Goblins with Spears
  • 10 Goblins wit›h Short Bows
  • 5 Goblin Wolf Riders
  • 1 Common Troll

500 point warband:

  • Orc Boss on Boar
  • 2 Goblins with bows (12 total)
  • 1 Orc Boy (10 total with Boss)
  • 5 Orc Arrer Boyz (10 total)

820 point army

  • 5 Wolf Riders full command (10 total with full command)
  • 10 Goblins with spears (20 total with full command)
  • 8 Goblins with bows (20 total with full command)
  • 2 Orc Boyz; the Standard Bearer & Musician (12 total with full command)
  • 2 Common trolls (3 total)

1250 point army:

  • Goblin Shaman on Wolf
  • 8 Orc Boyz (20 total)
  • Goblin Spear Chukka
  • Goblin Spear Chukka
  • Goblin Wolf Chariot
  • Goblin Wolf Chariot
  • 10 Black Orcs with full command

1500 point army:

  • 10 Black Orcs (20 total)

1750 point army:

  • 10 Arrer Boyz (20 total)
  • 20 Goblins with hand weapons/spears and full command

2000 point army:

  • Paint 6 Stone Trolls (Only 3 are field-able)
  • Paint a Giant

Total # of models to paaint:

106 miniatures

Talisman Expansions


For this project I have already painted the core game. I have since collected two of the three expansions.

The plan is to use these characters as little breaks from painting the hordes of greenskins. Hopefully in the meantime I will be able to get my hands on Dragons Tower in good condition.

Dungeons of Doom:

  • Chaos Warrior
  • Beastman
  • Druid
  • Fire Wizard
  • Shaman
  • High Priest

City of Adventure:

  • Assassin
  • Black Orc
  • Witch Elf
  • Dragonslayer
  • Halfling
  • Chaos Dwarf

Dragons Tower:

  • Dragon
  • Alchemist
  • Astronomer
  • Sorceress
  • Chaos Sorcerer

Total # of models to paint:

17 miniatures

The Battle of Five Armies

Battle of Five Armies

This project is more a reach, but since the miniatures are 10mm scale I figure I can be a little more fast and loose and still get good results.

I also want to build a couple of pieces of extra terrain to go with the game, like a the river Running and the Lonely Mountain if I can!


  • 9 characters & Beorn

Forces of Evil:

  • 24 stands of Goblin infantry
  • 12 stands of Goblin Wolf Riders
  • 12 stands of Wargs

Forces of Good:

  • 3 stands of Men with bows
  • 3 stands of Men with spears
  • 6 stands of Dwarves
  • 6 stands of Elves with spears
  • 6 stands of Elves with bows
  • 3 stands of Eagles


  • 2 plastic hill sections
  • plastic ruins

Total # of models to paint:

84 miniatures

Final Break Down:

207 models by December 31st 2024

Better get painting...